Do you have online certification programs?

The majority of third-party MGTC instructors teach in person. MGTC can refer you to those particular instructors. MGTC has a remote renewal process and is currently working with instructors to provide complete online renewal recertification training.

Does MGTC provide certifications for ASSE 6015 and ASSE 6035?

No – MGTC does not provide certifications for these two credentials. We will refer you to companies that specialize in these certifications.

Can I renew my ASSE certification on your website or via mail service?

MGTC recognizes that there are differing needs for renewal. MGTC has a renewal process to meet your specific needs via computer, mail, or in-person renewals.

How do I renew my ASSE certification with MGTC?

A 4-hour renewal course and examination for recertification are required. ASSE 6010 installers are required to have properly documented and updated  Brazing Certification Records.  ASSE 6050 Instructors must maintain their ASSE 6010 Installers Certification including all requirements. Please contact our office for specifics and for a list of renewal course options.

Can I transfer my existing certification?

The transfer of existing certifications depends on individual circumstances. Recertification in accordance with MGTC requirements is required following approval. Contact our office for a transfer form and more information:

How much is re-certification?

Re-certification pricing begins at $265.00 for the initial credential. Codebooks, ASME IX Brazing re-qualification, and specific fees carry additional charges. Instructors may also have additional charges based on specific customer requirements or training requirements for renewal based on location. This pricing is for remote renewals. MGTC accepts approved 4- hour review of code certificates. Examples are MGPHO and NFPA. Fees still apply for renewal. Please link to our renewal page for more information: Register for Renewal

I need to talk to ask a question about code. Can I talk to an instructor?

Individuals credentialed through MGTC will be provided with instructor contact information. In addition, you may email your questions to us directly and we will forward them to an instructor or their company and they will respond to your inquiry. Please stay tuned for our new instructor page that is currently under construction. Need the name of an instructor in your area? Contact our office and we will forward your email:

I left my job and do not have copies of my documents. What can I do?

You can submit a request for duplicate document production. The costs vary depending on what you need to be reproduced. Please contact us with details.