Brazing procedures and brazer performance for the installation of medical gas and vacuum piping shall be qualified in accordance with either Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications, of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, or AWS B2.2, Standard for Brazing Procedure and Performance qualification, both as modified by NFPA 99.

Performance qualifications of brazers shall remain in effect indefinitely unless the brazer does not braze with the qualified procedure for a period exceeding 6 months or there is a specific reason to question the ability of the brazer.

When you take your ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installer credential course, your initial brazing qualifications are generally included. Please check with the third-party instructor to verify brazing qualification is included in the class pricing.

Brazing Continuity Submission

Every six months we require a written log signed by a qualified witness to be submitted for brazing continuity acceptance to maintain the 6010 Installer Credential. Brazing dates must be within every six months. Do not go past the sixth-month date or the brazing date will be rejected.

You can download and complete these forms and send them to


Download the individual, single Record of Brazing Continuity form

Download the individual, multiple dates Record of Brazing Continuity form

Download the group Record of Brazing Continuity form