Credential Courses Offered by Third Party Instructors

Applicants for the ASSE 6060 certification shall have two (2) years of documented experience in the mechanical and plumbing systems industry and require practical knowledge of the design of medical gas and vacuum systems.

A passing grade of 70% on the written exam with a minimum of 100 questions is required. 50% of the exam questions will require the use of design principles and the application of the rules in NFPA 99, NFPA 55, and FGI Guidelines.

The written exam shall demonstrate core competencies in the following:

a) Designing category space requirements.
b) Placement of medical gas outlet/vacuum inlets, valves, and alarms all gas and vacuum systems as required by the FGI Guidelines and NFPA 99.
c) Use of design principles and application of the rules for piping layout complete with sizing for medical gas systems.
d) Calculations for sizing of piping, intakes, exhausts, and source equipment.

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