Credential Course Offered By Third-Party Instructors

This course requires the technical knowledge required for the installation of medical gas and vacuum systems. Medical gas installers must have a minimum of 32-hours of training, including oral, written, and practical instruction. All candidates must pass a final written exam, administered by Medical Gas Testing & Certification, LLC and the practical brazing examination by an MGTC approved process to qualify as ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installers.

Pre-requisite: Four (4) years of documented practical experience in the field of installation of plumbing or mechanical piping systems are mandatory in order to qualify for placement in this class.

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Credential Renewal

This credential requires a four hour review of code and written examination every 3 years. Brazing continuity must be submitted and up to date prior to taking the examination.   If you cannot provide brazing continuity, you must re-qualify for brazing.

Renewals require a 3rd party review of code. A certificate from a qualified ASSE 6050 Instructor or approved renewal program must be presented prior to arranging renewal testing.

MGTC provides a program of review through  3rd party instructors. Pricing can vary depending on your location and specific requirements. Instructors are assigned by region.

Codebooks specific to the code year renewing are required. These must be purchased in addition to the renewal and third-party instruction.

Renewal with 3rd party instructor (includes MGTC renewal fees). Prices may vary for instruction and testing depending on the location and type of class.

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Brazing Qualification

Brazing procedures and brazer performance for the installation of medical gas and vacuum piping shall be qualified in accordance with either Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications, of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, or AWS B2.2, Standard for Brazing Procedure and Performance qualification, both as modified by NFPA 99.

Learn more about brazing and how to submit brazing continuity forms.

Lapsed brazing, need to qualify to a different range? Please contact us at and put in the subject line, Brazing Qualification Information and Pricing Requested.