Credential Course

The ASSE Series 6020 Medical Gas Systems Inspector credential is ideal for state and local inspectors, construction managers, hospital engineers, project managers, designers, and project estimators. This 24-hour block of instruction immerses the student into the current NFPA 99 Medical Gas Systems Code. Upon successful completion, the candidate will have an excellent command of all applicable requirements of this standard. All candidates are required to pass a final written examination to qualify as ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Systems Inspectors.

Pre-requisite: Candidates shall be employed by a governmental unit as a plumbing and/or mechanical inspector, or as an administrator of such inspectors, or be a person regularly involved in the design, inspection or verification of medical gas systems, or be a 6010 installer. Two (2) years of documented practical experience or any combination of the above in order for placement in this class.

Course Length: 3 days

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Credential Renewal

This credential requires a renewal course every 3 years. The course includes 4 hours of review of code, followed by a written exam.

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