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You may renew with MGTC via an approved certificate program or you may take the MGTC managed remote renewal with third-party instructors.

MGTC managed remote renewal with third-party instructors:

3rd Party pricing varies. Any pricing will include testing and certification. Required codebooks are price separately. Renewal pricing assumes you have maintained brazing continuity.  Please contact us directly for renewal information.

Accepted certificate remote renewal with third-party instructors

MGTC will provide certification testing after code review certificate approval for a class you attended through a 3rd Party Instructor.  The instructor must meet MGTC requirements for each course taught. Installers are required to submit brazing dates to renew. Instructors must submit brazing dates and renew to ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Systems Installer to qualify for renewal. Pricing does not include in person or extended proctoring fees. Additional proctoring charges will apply for weekend, evening, and international remote testing.

One Certification: $170.00 (Pricing is per person and does not include required code review).

Multiple Certification: $275.00 (Pricing is per person and does not include required code review).

Brazing updates electronic: $50 fee at time of renewal. Covers all three years or length of current renewal period.

Brazing updates on card (new card issued each six months) $35


A late fee of $75.00 is charged for credentials that expired more than 30 days. Contact our office directly if more than 90 days expired. The COVID-19 waiver that had previously applied no longer qualifies.

You will also be required to purchase or have available the applicable NFPA 99 Codebook. The cost is $149.00 plus shipping and sales tax if applicable. MGTC does not set Codebook pricing, Books are offered at retail plus any extra charges. ASSE 6010 installers must send in their brazing records. These records must be up to date as required. Brazing re-qualification carries an extra charge.


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